Saturday, MARCH 29, 2014


On the morning of Saturday, March 29, the people of Lewinsville—children, youth, adults and older adults—will have a chance to come together for a half-day of service in the community as we help one another and our neighbors.

We will meet in the chapel at Lewinsville at 8:30 a.m. for coffee and breakfast snacks provided by the Men’s Square ChristCare Group. From there, we will break into teams to dedicate three hours of light work, 9am -12 noon, at your choice of the following local projects:

  • You can join the team at next door’s Lewinsville Retirement Residence. There you can offer assistance for tasks that residents are unable to do themselves (turning mattresses, cleaning the inside surfaces of windows, moving or changing apartment furniture, hanging pictures, deep cleaning behind furniture).
  • You can go to SHARE (Self Help and Resource Exchange) which is located at McLean Baptist Church and distribute food and supplies from the food pantry or clothing from the clothing closet to SHARE clients.
  • You can join the team that goes to Homestretch, Northern Virginia’s largest transitional housing provider for homeless families with children. There you can help prepare a home for a new family to move in.
  • You can join the team at Chesterbrook Residences to help spruce up the grounds and the interior (picking up trash, deep cleaning, and helping residents with odd jobs).

Sign up BELOW or sign up at the staffed tables on Sundays March 9, 16 or 23. We look forward to bringing together all generations of our congregation in one event as we get to know our neighbors and serve those in need.

And when you’re done at noon have lunch at the Lewinsville Retirement Residence (cost $7).




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Chesterbrook Residences

Lunch following at Lewinsville Retirement Residence (for $7.00 at the door):

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Signed up so far:
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Lewinsville Retirement Residence
Suzi Podhorecki (Y)
Liz & John Bowen (Y)
Joe Parisi (Y)
Toni Harrington (N)
Suzanne Parisi (Y) 
Ed Sumner (N)
Anthony Parisi (Y) 
Renie Ruehlin (?)
Alan Stevens (Y) Betsy Hendrix (Y)
Nancy Lauler (Y)
Jennifer, Sophia & Bella Pareti (N)
Lisa, Aly and Jon Rayle (?) David Jessee (N)
Bob and Laury Bender (Y) Alex Stas (N)
Lisa, Aly & Jon Rayle (?)  
Doug McGuire (Y)  
John & Ruth Thomas (Y)  
Tom Waldrop (?)  
Lois Dokken (Y)  
Anne & Ken Krieg (Y)  
Chesterbrook Residences
Rick Ruehlin (?) Connie Howell (Y)
Emma & Shara Gamble (N) Katie Gamble (?)
Vivian Attermeyer (N) Olivia Kloster (?)
Susan Fellows (Y) Tatum Deyo (?)
  Kirsten Kenney (N)
  Ruth Riggins (N)
  Karen Siple (Y)
  Beth Arnaoot (?) - and possibly 2 guests
  Tonya Tatum (N)
  Madison Deyo (N)